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10 Years Gone - 360West Magazine Gets a New Masthead Treatment

10 YEARS GONE - PytchBlack recently redesigned the masthead and identity for Tarrant County publication 360West Magazine. After ten years, the magazine publisher asked for a redesign that would work across multiple print and digital platforms.

The design exercise included reviewing multiple typefaces, applications and uses. The project involved multiple faux cover layouts to demonstrate usage across the different categories of articles the publication covers. The creative exercise was interesting to see how the pub could eventually evolve.

Other challenges included reviewing existing “360” logos in other categories in order to keep the publication’s look original. What we discovered was the existing “360” treatments all referenced a circular component. Because 360West is named for being west of Texas state highway 360, the circular reference was not necessary. We did not concept some of the treatments during our design assessment phase of the project.

To learn more about 360West Magazine visit their website.

In-publication Promo Ads that teased the upcoming redesign are featured. Some ads ran, others did not, take a guess.


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