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PytchBlack creates inaugural ESPN Collegiate Esports Championship brand marks.

The brand marks will be featured during the event at Comicpalooza in Houston and streamed worldwide via ESPN Esports Twitch Channel. 

 FORT WORTH, Texas –The inaugural ESPN Collegiate Esports Championshipwill debut May 10-12 with a new primary branding and logo mark created by PytchBlack. 


 PytchBlack Managing Partner Andrew Yanez created the mark that will be featured within the competition arena and streamed globally on ESPN Esports Twitch Channel. 

 The design for an Esports competition marks another milestone of PytchBlack’s work in the sports category and for longtime client ESPN Events. The agency has worked with The Worldwide Leader in Sports creating event marks, campaigns and branding platforms for football and basketball events over the last 13+ years. 

 Esports is a fast-growing segment of the sports industry, with over 400 million viewers in 2018 across all platforms. It encompasses a variety of game titles played in organized, competitive gaming competitions. 

 The Collegiate Esports Championship in Houston will take place May 10 – 12, 2019, at the George R Brown Convention Center during Comicpalooza weekend. The event will be produced and staged by ESPN Events. Teams representing universities from around the country will compete across five game platforms, competing for scholarship prizes. 

 Tickets and more information on the event can be found at